Sunday, August 29, 2010

Word of the day "Refocus"

I went for a run tonight the first time in about 10 days and for a girl who's training for a marathon I need to kick it into gear. My runs usually help clear my head and tonight I definitely had a breakthrough.

I ran through the Loyola campus and as I stopped in front of the chapel I saw the door was open. I popped my head in to take a peak of the church and as I did I felt a very peaceful feeling, so I decided to stay. As I sat there in this very quiet and calming place I thought about how life can get get so crazy and you can loose site of the important things. I realized I'd lost focus of what my goal is and got distracted. By what you ask? Life which includes family, job, friends, and do I dare say men.

For the last few years my goal had been focused on loosing the weight and now it shifted to finding someone to share my life with but what I need to remember is I can't loose focus of why I started this journey. I had three goals to get finacially, physically, and career healthy. Now that I've done this I need to REFOCUS and really decide what is important what is important to me for my next set of goals. If I'm not happy then nobody around me will be happy. It may sound selfish but I still have a goals to reach and need to find the balance and how to handle it all.

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