Thursday, July 09, 2009

Boot Camp

I'm getting excited for the next round of boot camp. I found Windy City Adventure Boot Camp last fall and fell in love. I was surprised to find myself getting excited to get up at 5:00am to ride my bike to the park four days a week to workout. Whenever I tell people about boot camp I can tell they start to get visions of a big, mean, military guy barking orders. It's actually nothing like that it's more like a fitness camp. We do an hours of cardio drills and usually end with an ab workout. For those of us with workout ADD it's perfect. I describe it to people who played sports in high school it's like going to volleyball or basketball practice. The only difference is your paying this coach to tell you to move your ass! I like it because we always do something different and we're using our body throughout the workout no machines and it's all outdoors. The only bad part it's at 5:30am in the morning, but at least I get it out of the way. If interested in boot camp in Chicago check out or one near you go to

The only reason I'm endorsing so strongly is because I think it's been one of the instrumental things that's helped get my body in shape.

Good luck!

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Jean said...

KRISTIN!!!! You look absolutely amazing! WOW! I loved reading through your blog. Very well done and such an inspiration for others. You should be so proud of yourself. And keep accepting those 'thank yous' because you deserve them. I can't wait to follow your blog and hear more about your journey. You are an amazing person!