Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life of Questions

I always say life is a series of questions. When we were in high school it was what college were you going to attend and then what's your major. Then it moved on to what do you do for a living and then are you seeing anyone, are you married, do you have kids.

I started my blog because of the questions I got about how I lost the weight so I decided to put all the tips I did in one place. Now the questions are back to are you seeing anyone, are you dating, why are you still single...this is my least favorite.

I recently had five of my high school girlfriends in town to celebrate my birthday and of course they are all married with children and none who have had the pleasure of dating in the 21st century with online dating, texting, instant messaging, etc. They just can't understand why I'm single trust me I ask myself that as well because I'm FANTASTIC...lol. So I sat down with two of them and enlightened them on how this lovely process works. Now of course they always hear my dating adventures and those of my friends and now as I watch the reruns of "Sex in the City" Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda we're pioneers for us single women and we're so right on.

The question I ask myself is with all the fabulous, beautiful, smart single women I know where are those great guys? It's a question that may never be answered but you'll going to have fun hearing how we try to find them. Stay tuned.......

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