Monday, October 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home

As Dorothy once said "there's no place like home" and I couldn't agree more but Dorothy wasn't trying to loose weight on her way back to Kansas.  

I was home for my mom's 70th birthday and it was a food fest weekend.  It started with Pizza on Thursday night, steaks on Friday night, chili on Saturday night and the pinnacle was the birthday party.  We had pork sandwiches, you know the other white meat, served with cheesy hash brown potatoes, creamy macaroni salad, some pudding and whipped cream cookie mix that I know was packed with thousands of calories.  The ultimate was the b-day cake which was so yummy you couldn't have just one piece.  Oh and I forgot the nuts and candy corn combo on each table which my fingers made their way to several times.  

I stopped trying to count the calories and points and just let myself enjoy because of the special occasion.  I did do extra workouts that day knowing what was on the menu.  I can happily report after a high calorie weekend I maintained my weight.  

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